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Black Beans Jack Rabbit (1lb)

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The founder of the Michigan Bean Company, Al Reidel recalled attending Harry Houdini's magic show with his daughter in the 1920s, where Houdini performed his famous rabbit-in-the-hat trick. Years later, that lively rabbit would inspire Mr. Reidel to name the country's first brand of packaged beans Jack Rabbit. For over 75 years, the commitment to high quality beans have made Jack Rabbit a trusted brand that families continue to hand down for generations.
16oz --1lb
Jack Rabbit

Stamoolis Brothers carries a large selection of Cheeses, that includes many varieties of the popular aFeta and others imported from Cyprus, Spain and France. Olives are always on hand in a variety of tastes, sizes, and colors. Our large selection of spices is hard to find elsewhere.

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